Will your faves make the cut?



Has all the buzz about the new 'Mockingjay I' film left you–ahem–hungry for more? Here's our top five picks of the most interesting 'Hunger Games' characters to calm your appetite!



1. Effie Trinket

Oh, Effie. She’s not the brightest flame in District 12’s entourage but we can’t help but love her. Especially in the films,  where she is played to perfection by Elizabeth Banks. I like how both the book and film leave us uncertain as to how much Effie grows to care for Katniss and Peeta, it’s very much up to interpretation where her loyalties ultimately lie. Best of all, though? Her fashion sense! Now where can I get one of those fabulous butterfly fascinators? (picture?)


2. Cinna

Next up...Cinna. What else do we need to say, really? He supports Katniss like no-one else during the pre-game ceremonies, provides her with fab outfits that send a powerful message to the Capitol. He’s basically our dream man.


3. Johanna Mason

Crazy, crazy Johanna. We’d be a bit scared if we left her off this list to be honest. Coming from the lumber district, she’s pretty nifty with an axe. She’s sly and cunning and...dare I say it? A bit more of a bad girl than Katniss. In the Catching Fire films, her acid tongue and unpredictable behaviour provides few welcome giggles -you know the scene we’re talking about! Like Effie, we’re never quite sure where we are with Johanna, but we sure have fun finding out.


4. Finnick Odair

We, like the rest of the world, are total fangirls for Finnick. He’s handsome, courageous and loyal. But it’s his relationship with his fellow District 4, third-quarter quell tribute Mags that makes him extra special. He’s so protective, despite the fact that caring for an elderly tribute severely burdens him. Despite his sometimes shallow exterior, he is one of the most selfless characters of the series.


5. Katniss Everdeen

You didn’t seriously think we’d make it through this list without mentioning our fave female lead did you? Now. We….have an inkling that some of you might get a little...emotional over the fact that neither Peeta or Gale made the top 5 (holds up angry fangirl sign). But don’t get out the pitchforks just yet -it’s just because we couldn’t possibly choose between them! We’ll leave you to fight that one out in the comments.


Anyway, Katniss is all we could ask for in a heroine; she’s ridiculously brave: willing to sacrifice everything for those she loves and stand up for what’s right. She’s an unstoppable machine with her bow-and-arrow, but also is incredibly kind-hearted and reluctant to harm anyone. But I think what makes her so great is that she isn’t perfect. We see her suffer, especially in the aftermath of the first games and struggle to rebuild her life. She also sometimes has trouble connecting with people, and finds it difficult to make friends. But that really humanises her, and makes her much more relatable.




What do you think of our list? Who would make you top 5?




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