Our Top 10 Fandoms

by , Tuesday May 30, 2017
Our Top 10 Fandoms

The Top 10 Fandoms Have Been Decided!

In lieu of this year's Battle, we asked you all to nominate your top Fandoms. And here they are...



You all have voted and spoken together for this year's Battle of the Fandoms so we're excited to tell you who was nominated. Reading your comments was fun (and there were over 140 of them) so after taking the time to do so, we have found the top 10 fandoms for this epic fanfiction competition. We hope most of you will find the fandom you were hoping to write about :)


The competition only starts on the 1st of June, but now you have time to make yourselves ready! We are looking forward to seeing you write what stories you will, design covers, and create trailers. However, remember to only publish your contribution after June 1st so that you can take part in the battle too.


We thank you for all your nominations and the positive feedback for this competition. So now it's just time to say: Fangirls & fanboys - to your battle stations!



The Top 10 Fandoms are:


Harry Potter




Once Upon a Time/Disney - Several OUAT's characters are from the Disney universe and since we heard both voices in nominations, we've chosen to pair them together.


Star Wars


Percy Jackson


Hunger Games




Comics - including Marvel/DC/Avengers


Broadway - This fandom includes every broadway show that has ever been. And you don't have to write it as a musical either :)


Bandoms - it's only fair with so many nominations for bands and other musical artists to include all the bandoms because there is greatness that comes from music and its expression


So those are our final fandoms! Which fandom will you choose?

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