Protect LGBTQ Youth // 2017

by , Monday September 25, 2017

Don't lose site of who you are. 

In the blink of an eye, our hearts slowly died, as we felt our pulse forty-nine times. 

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Some of you may be new to my profile, and in that case, hi! I'm Amanda or Am or Ami, whichever you prefer to call me. I am all three! This is my Movellas page, and this, of course, is a blog written by myself!

Since the 3rd grade, I've been introduced to the LGBT community. And I was never that kid who thought same-sex was wrong... I was never that kid who picked on the gay boy in her class. I was never that kid. Because... the truth is... Them, us, they are us. What differences do you see? By 'they' I mean the LGBTQ community. 

I never saw people of society as any label. I never boxed people into corners. Because if I did, everyone would have their own seperate corner. Everyone is different. Everyone loves people. Same-sex is not a crime. And same-sex marriage is not a 'priviledge' granted to them. Because marriage is a human right. 

The video I linked is a song called Forty-Nine Times. It was a song written for the lives lost in the Orlando hate shooting in 2016. Where 49 people were killed. In a gay-bar. 49 LGBTQ youth/adults were shot dead because of who they love... Watch the video, and see the point I am trying to make. 


A part in this song I really liked was: 

We will never break, we will never die

We were made for more than just tonight


As people, we are here for a reason. And to the 49 lives lost that night, they were made for more than to just be remembered as lives lost in a shooting. They are fighters to a noble cause. 


This blog isn't just about the Orlando shooting. I'm only using it as an example because I remember the effect it had on me and my friends when we found out. How horrified we were that some people can be that hateful towards someone who is just different. Being different is no crime...

LGBTQ youth are 10 times more likely than average youth to commit suicide, because of bullying about their sexuality and gender identity. Think before you act. Words don't mean anything until they end a life, guys. Words are powerful. Words can scar a person for a very long time. Trust me, I know. 


Be that kid who stands up for the gay boy being beat up, or the lesbian girl being harassed, or the trans kid being ridiculed for their bathroom rights. Be that kid who fights for something worth fighting for. 

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