In the sky chapter 3 - Complete

*3rd in the branching out comp* This is for the branching out comp, branching out from helllohihi's novel


1. Chapter 3

"He - for - got..." Izalla panted, out of breath. Her tears streaming down her face like a broken tap she shook herself trying to restrain her emotions. She must have been about a mile away from the station now, she'd been running for what seemed like an age - trying to escape her shattered expectations.

A huge sob shuddered through her skinny body, as she fell to the grassy terrain with a thud. With a longing sigh, she imagined she was her father, stroking her hands through the meadows as he used to do to her hair when she was younger. Before the divorce, when she saw him every, single day , not merely on weekends when he had custody.

Though he didn't always remember her on the weekends - her dad had a new family now - his new wife Julie, and now they had a new baby too, a replacement Izalla. A family he'd forever take care of, a daughter he didn't forget and leave, abandoned at a train station almost regularly.

Izalla got up, slowly, rubbing her arms in the sudden cold. She inclined her head upwards to scowl at the sky for bringing more misfortune -  but her face wouldn't cooperate. Instead, it bent its way into a face of shocked amazement - amazement of the clouds above her.

They'd morphed once more into the now familiar hieroglyph - the one she was now subconciously associating with bad luck - for that was all had come of it before.  She blinked slowly at the clouds, the rest of her body motionless.

Then the world went black as she swayed slightly, then fell to the ground. Izalla Rostahagen had fainted.

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