Draco Malfoy and the Better-Than-Potter's-Broomstick

The sequel to Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake. Join Draco as he embarks on his hilarious second year at Hogwarts through numerous scrapbook entries. Made for laughs. Enjoy! XD



Welcome peasants. I see you've found your way to the scrapbook of I Draco Matilda Malfoy's second year at Hogwarts school of Slytherins and Unicorns. The rest of the school doesn't matter. Anyway, if you haven't already read through my first year, I advise you to do so AT ONCE. (Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake)  Because if you don't, just think of all the inside jokes you're going to miss!!! Like OMDP, you'll be as clueless as Schnabe Babe! 

But, if you have read DMATRH, welcome aboard right here for my second year at Hogwarts! We also could do with a new coauthor now that LunaLlamaBrianAppleshine has left movellas, so if you'd like to apply for this post go to the group DMATBTPB Coauthoring Competition!!!  for more details :) Other than that, Mirlotta, Mahogany Pumpkin and NightStar13 hope you enjoy this as much as my Unicorntastic first year! 




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