The flirt

When becca finally gets noticed by the most popular guy at school she thinks everything is falling into place. When she starts getting to know Nate more and more she becomes closer. But not towards Nate. His cousin harry styles had stayed with Nate for the summer and has the hots for becca and so does she. But she realizes popularity doesn't make her happy. Feeling right does. When Nate gets jealous he goes insane to get her back. How far will he go?


1. an unnatural school day

"Becca. Please let me do this! It will make you gorgeous! Maybe you'll even get noticed by you know no?" Tress nudged my hip. I laughed.

"God. Fine just do it. "

Tress guided us down the steps and into the kitchen.

"Ms. Paulie. I present to you the new and improved becca lawson. " tress took the piece of paper away from my face.

"My baby!" She gasped.

I stood there in shock.

"Do I really look that bad? Tress never let me look. " I sighed.

"No, no! You're beautiful! " I smiled.

Tress and I ran up the steps and into the bathroom.

"No, no! You can't see!!!" Tress grabbed my arm and held me back. I laughed and pulled free.

"Come'on tress I just wanna-" I gasped.

I looked amazing. The pink eyeshadow made my blue eyes pop. My blonde hair was nearly straightened. I wore pink fushia lipgloss and I actually wore my contacts today.

Tress and I stood on the curb waiting for the bus.

"To think. In 5 months we can finally drive. " tress sighed. I smiled as junie approached us.

"Hey!" He said.


"Hey there!" It was alaina.

"Oh." I said to myself.

The bell rang for first period and I headed for science. I walked down the hallway while tryin to finish reading my report on the artic wolf. I walked around Amy and I turned right hitting right smack into Nate.

"I- I'm sorry. " I said. I kneeled down to pick up all the papers that spilled.

"Wow. I should be the sorry one. Are you ok?" He asked. I smiled.

"Uh yeah. You?" He chuckled.

"So you new?" He asked. I gave him a questionable look.

"Uhh. No I've gone here since kindergarten. It's me becca lawson. " Nate choked on the air.

"Becca? You look. Amazing!" I smiled and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.

" thanks. " I took my books from his arms and he laughed.

" wow. The artic wolf. Cool. My report is on the extinct mammoth." I nodded.

"Well. It was nice talking to you. But uh. I gotta go. " he waved and I walked to science.

😆OMG! I just ran into Nate!


😱what happened!?


😎I played it cool. I think. But uh yeah he ran into me

Complimented me several times.

- becca

🙊miss shmwidles coming!


Ms shmwidles tapped her foot.

"Ms. Lawson. Are you texting during class. " she held out her hand. I but my lip and stuck my phone in her hand.

I walked out of the lunch line and headed towards tress' table.

"Hey! Becca! You wanna sit with us?" I looked at tress and she have me a thumbs up and waved me away.

I set my tray down beside Nate and winston.

"Ooh Lala. Who's this chunk of diamond?" Lexxer asked.

"This is becca. From English. " lexxers face turned white.

"God. He looks ten times prettier. "

I bit my lip.

"I think I'm gonna go sit with tress. I feel very uncomfortable. " I picked up My tray and walked to tress.

"Hey becca! Wait up! I wanna ask you something. " Nate yelled.

I turned around and sat beside tress as bate did the same.

"Ok. So to marrow night I'm having a pool party and I was wondering if you and tress would like to come. " I smiled.

"Sure. But don't you have a girlfriend?" He have me a confused look.

"Yeah? I love Reyna. Why?" I bit my lip.

"Just wondering"

"So about my party?"

"Uhh... -"

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