NaNoWriMo Writing War

Hello guys! This will be hosted by DragonSoulJess and Victoria Raven to help you guys with your NaNo writing and to motivate you! Have fun, sign up and the fun will commence on the 1st November 2015.


1. What even is this?



Jess and I are hosting Writing War or Word Sprints. They are super fun and super motivational and super . . . I've run out of super things.


You will be given an hour to write as much as you can before you submit your word count. You can use a timer to count you down to help, if need be. You can not lie as we will group you together with people of similar word counts so it's essential you're honest.

This is the word count we will use to sort you into groups.


And Jess is a Dragon Slayer and Vicky is a Vampire Assassin - don't mess with us. We will know if you lie.


Please sign up by October 30th, as this is when we would like to sort out the groups you'll be in. If you come late, we can join you onto another group, but it's a lot easier if you sign up now.


To sign up.



Word Count for an hour:

Genre you're writing:


Username - your NaNo username

Word Count - how much you can write in an hour. You will have to do this so we can group you up. However, this writing in an hour cannot be your NaNo work (since you'll have to start that in November), maybe some chapter or something.

Genre you're writing - self explanatory.



What happens after you do this:

When we have all the word counts, we will group you with 2-4 other people of similar word counts, to make sure that you have competition right for you. (Also, with groups, if somebody drops out, there will still be at least two people left racing, and even if everybody else in your group drops out, we will move you to another group of the nearest word count to you.) When you're all together, then you can organise word races between yourselves. (And of course, if you want to race with your friend - or deadly rival - who isn't taking part or isn't in a group, then go for it. Just do it as a separate race as the group ones.)


We will get a Movellas group up before the start of November with separate discussions for each word racing group, and will supply you with a link. This will keep all of your wars organised in one place, so that when you all start killing one another, Jess and Vicky won't have far to go when we need entertainment.




But why should you sign up? Look out for a blog on Tuesday 27th to find out.



Happy writing!


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