Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Adam Taurus, a man of few words. But he never needed words to get his point across, he did it with his sword.


1. ~ Beauty and the Beast ~



"Adam..." His name easily fell from my lips and flew through the quiet air to his ears. He almost blended into the environment with his red hair, black suit and weapon. His back was to me, his insignia a bright contrast.

"Blake." He replied as he turned, his mask scaring me. I had never liked it and many a time I had tried to take it off, but he always put it back on. His eyes were so nice, so bright and so joyful, how could such a demon reside inside of him?

But under that mask lay something more, something more than just a Faunus. Something more . . . romantic. That's what he was, a cold blooded romantic. I overhead him one day, talking to a lieutenant. He said he would do anything for me, that he'd die for me. He said he loved me and that he'll love me forever. But that was surely a lie, or at least I thought it was back then. He'd lied so often to me, those small little things, those small murders. And I was his weakness, the one thing that brought him down. But never did I use that to my advantage - I never really gave it a thought.


I remember when I first met him. I had been knocked down at a rally by a Schnee board member and I was lying in the rubble, curled up, my broken sign next to me. "Are you okay?" He asked, crouching down, a hand outstretched. I backed away, although I wanted to trust him. He was a Faunus, an ally. He was someone I could trust. And I did trust - later on in life though.


"I'll teach you to fight." He smiled, taking another step closer. "I'll teach you the new ways of the White Fang, I'll teach you to defend yourself and I'll let you be one of the strongest. Because you have a fire in you, Miss..."


It was the first time I had been called a 'miss'. But I looked up into his eyes. "Miss Belladonna." I smiled, gripping his wrist.


We were so young back then. So young, so innocent, so charming. But it didn't last. As time went on, he became a beast, a monster, someone who I was willing to leave behind if it meant I could undo so many years of hatred. He had come a stranger to me, someone who I didn’t understand. I understood him so well when we were younger, when he saved me, we had a lot in common: no parents, wanting Faunus rights, wanting to be treated as equals. But then it changed.


He was, no is still my best friend, my partner in crime, an old ally. But that mask . . . the mask with slits for eyes, with the blood red pattern, the mask which scared me. I never wore a mask, I was too stealthy for a mask. But his eyes, those beautiful memorising eyes . . . they were once so bright, once so happy, and once so joyful in the changes of Faunus discrimination. But those eyes once filled with love too darkened. 


His motives were good and pure, he was a just and honest man. But the way he carried out those motives and actions were horrendous. I remember one night, he wanted to destroy a whole train to get at the Schnee’s for unjust Faunus labour. I wanted things to change, but I never agreed to the violence used. Our once peaceful protests all went down the drain. We changed to planned attacks, to hijacking trains and freeing workers by killing their employees.


I want to kill him so badly, but can I really kill a man who has goodness in the depths of his blackened heart?


I didn't kill him. He was bad, no, he was worse than bad. He was corrupt. And I left him, I didn't want to use my skills to aid in their violence. But he's probably got a new partner now, so why should I care for a man who cared little for me?


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