Despite Your Flaws

*Entry For Beauty and The Beast*


1. Despite Your Flaws

  Dear Beast, 

I all I ever wanted was to break free. To not live a life like I do. To feel adventure, romance, heartbreak, and love, to feel free. To live free. When I met you I thought you were only a beast a monster, cruel, mean and harsh. Had no compassion for anyone. You were controlling, a burning inferno fouled by the smallest things. But I was saved me from death. You took me in and cared for me even when I was rude, cruel and mean to you, even when I acted like I hated you. You still cared for me and for that I am grateful. For that and more.

You were cursed, for all you did. A terrible man you were and I looked past it into your heart. Were it was so dark and dreary. But I even saw past that and the walls you put up. I saw your soul. The part of you, that was hid from all prying eyes. It was a mess, a beautiful mess. A hurricane on the outside but calm in the eye. You closed yourself off, it made you the way you are. But slowly, you changed. All your scars, and messes. All of you quirks all of you messes, and all your scars made you. A beautiful man.

I know you never want to hear from me. Because of what I did to you but. But I need to say I'm sorry. It was wrong of me. I beat myself up every day for what I did to you. I know you believe I am a bad person and I am not going to say I'm not, but you should know I'm sorry. So were a great person, and I'm...not. But I need to tell you before it's to late. Because you never know when you won't be able to say what you need to.


I never let myself admit it for the fear of being left or not wanted but I realized you had it happen, again and again. An you still found a way to let me in, for the hope of actually being wanted. But It was you, it was me and for that I feel terrible, every day of my life I will regret what I did. But know....


Because I realize I am amazed when I look at you not because of your looks, But because when I see you I realize your all I ever wanted in my life. Some to show me everything no one else could.


                                                           Sincerely your love,









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