Lav's Review Store

Heyo, are you in need of a review? Come here, and you can get your very own CC within the week. I don't bite. Mostly.


1. Introduction

Hello, I've been writing for a little bit now, and I absolutely love reading other people's work. Soooo, a review shop is a pretty perfect set up for me and for you. 

Anyway, I don't have very many rules. I'll read just about anything - from fanfics to poetry to essays, though I'll probably only review the first thirty minutes or so of what you've written, depending on how many people are on the waiting list. 

Within the review, I'll be looking over the plot, characters, grammar, aesthetics, and general style as well as telling you the main things I enjoyed, and the main things I think you could improve upon to make your story even better. 

If I haven't gotten to your review, and it's been a week, please remind me. Just put a lil "how's the review coming along?" and I'll get to it asap. 

To continue, when requesting a review, feel free to put what kind of review you're looking for. If you'd mainly like your punctuation or character development looked over, you can tell me so, and I can focus my review more around that.

Weyll, I think that's about it so get requestin', and I'll get writtin'. 

- Lav <3


Waiting List: 

- HeyItsJem

- Emily Witte

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