Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


70. The scary theory

"So what theory do you presume we would trust you to explain?" Lucas asked:
"You haven't really shown us a reason to trust you lately. With going crazy and hitting Jay." Sasha said as she pointed her pencil at Mina:
"Well. Just hear me out. This is a place I will forget anything outside this room and just focus on cold hard facts." Mina said:
"A soldier to the core," Lucas said:
"First let us talk about the room itself. What is special about the room?" MIna asked:
"You said it yourself. There isn't a camera in the room." I said:
"Yeah. The whole room scream suspicious. My theory is that there wasn't a murder." Mina said:
"Wasn't?" I asked:
"Let me say the conclusion then. I think Adam killed himself." Mina said. All of us went silent:
"You think Adam killed himself?" I asked. A cold shiver ran down my spine:
"Adam burned himself on the pyre," Mina said. ALl of stayed silent:
"Y-you think this is funny?" Liza asked her voice shaking:
"I'm not making fun. I think that Adam killed himself on the pyre." Mina said:
"Why?!" Sasha shouted:
"Why not. He would die anyway. He took the momentum to kill himself so the little friend patrol could survive." Mina said:
"You really think so?" I asked:
"Let's go over my facts first. First there the whole concept of the room itself. The room was locked from the inside and that means whoever was inside. Was the murderer." Mina said:
"And you presume that Adam was the only one inside?" Lucas asked:
"Well. There is proof." Mina said:
"Wait up!" I shouted. Silence filled the room. I looked at my podium in silence:
"The door was locked from the inside and the door was barricade from outside with a 2x4. The room was locked and there information about only Adam entering the room. A broken E-handbook but a lighter on the inside. A window so small that you can only look through it and that not even the lighter could get through." I said:
"As I said. This 'murder' isn't a murder. It's just a simple case of suicide." Mina said:
"Something doesn't add up. People couldn't use the window either. They couldn't break the window either." I said:
"Yeah. They couldn't." Mina said:
"Then how do you explain the fact about the handcuffs. Why would he handcuff himself?" Sandra asked:
"To make it look like a murder," Mina said:
"But if he wanted to do that. Then why did he try to save us?" I asked. Silence filled the room:
"I think the best chance we have right now is to plan out what happened in order," Mina said. We all nodded:
"Last last night, Adam arrived at the building and went into the room," I said:
"There he put up a fire and then put himself on the pyre. He manages to handcuff himself. Barricade the door and also lock the door. Light the pyre and everything alone." Sasha said. Silence filled the room afterward:
"Impossible." I said. All went silent again:
"So we can rule out suicide but then it must be a murder." Lucas said:
"Are we sure about that. It just seems weird with the door locked." Mina said:
"Maybe it's one of those locked room mysterious." Sasha said:
"locked room mysterious?" I asked:
"It's a certain theme in crime novels. It's where a room which should not be able to be locked is locked. It's kinda like the same theory of. How could the murder happen if no one could enter the room." Sasha said:
"So let's think about this for a second. Adam entered the room and then what?" I asked:
"The room was locked from the inside. So let's think for a second. There is no other escape from the changing room?" Sahsa asked:
"The window is too small." LIza said:
"The door was locked from inside so whoever was inside would have locked the door." Lara said:
"What about the theory that they were inside the room and could join us when we discovered the murder?" Sandra asked:
"That would fail too since the room was filled to the brink with smoke. They would die from inhaling it." Mina said. Silence filled the room:
"It shows signs of a murder. Burning, handcuffs and the 2x4 but it also shows sign of suicide with the locked door and the lighter inside." I said:
"I want to ask a question." Mina said. All looked at her:
"We all go from the presumption that all of this can be solved right?" Mina asked:
"What do you mean?" Sasha asked:
"You don't think it can be solved?" Liza asked:
"It ShOuLd Be AbLe To Be SoLvEd." Zeek said. I nodded:
"There was something unique about a certain part of this case." Mina said:
"What would that be?" I asked:
"if you think about it for a second. It will come to you." Mina said. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. What was weird about this case. What was so unusually weird. The locked room? No, it might be weird but somehow that must be explainable. The 2x4? No, it should come to us along the way. The lighter inside the room? That isn't it either...
"The monokey file?" Lara asked. We all looked at her:
"Correct. The monokey file this time was vague at best." Mina said:
"Yeah. Victim unknown, burn marks and the fracture on the wrists. There no time of death." I said:
"Which can't be shown because it was a heated murder. You can find out when a person is dead by their temperature. But since the body was burned we wouldn't know when it happened." Mina said:
"And then the part about the unknown victim?" Liza asked:
"That is the weird part. So many aspects of this murder are weird. If we could just draw out anything." Mina said:
"Give me some time to think," I said as I closed my eyes. If it wasn't suicided and it wasn't murder. The victim itself is a mystery. The vague monokey file. There are so many aspects but we just have to find out what is going on. We just have to find out...A door locked on two sides...Two sides...Two...Sides...Two?

My eyes opened with a snap:
"What is it?" Sasha asked:
"I think I might have a theory of what happened," I said. All looked at me:
"Tell us then," Mina said:
"So Mina theory was that he killed himself," I said:
"Yeah. Adam killed himself." Mina said:
"And our theory was that he was murdered," I said:
"CoRrEcT," Zeek said. I then nodded:
"What if this was neither. What if it was an agreement...What if two people worked together to kill one of them. Playing sacrifice so the others could die and then the other one helping." I said. All looked at me. So it came to this. It seems like someone in this room helped Adam kill himself.

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