Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


71. A helped suicide

"So you think someone helped Adam kill himself?" Mina asked:
"It wouldn't be that weird right?" I asked:
"Why would someone help and not just tell us about it?" Sandra asked:
"Because maybe it went wrong or maybe Adam threatened them?" Mina asked:
"Not Adam. Adam might have been grumpy and a bit of a dick but he was at least friendly." I said:
"I aGrEe," Zeek said:
"So what do you presume would make that the case?" Mina asked:
"So first let us try to look at the murder itself. There so many holes we can't fill because of the circumstances. Adam couldn't kill himself because of the things needed to be done and he couldn't be murdered because of the locked room. So maybe someone worked with him so they could stop the death of us all." I said:
"If you worked with Adam please come forward," Sasha said. Silence filled the room:
"So no one wants to come forward," Mina said:
"What could that mean?" I asked:
"One, Adam wouldn't let them talk. Two, something went wrong and Adam helped suicide turned into an accidental homicide." Sasha said. All turned silent:
"All we can do is try to link up the events for now," I said. All nodded:
"Let's get to it then. First, let us talk about the fire itself." Sasha said:
"Why fire? Why did the victim want to be burned?" Liza asked:
"Kinda weird. There was poison in the shop. Intake it would kill you. So why do the fire thing?" Lara asked:
"I don't know how I feel you knowing that," I said. Lara giggled:
"First let's take a look at something before which now makes sense," I said:
"The handcuffs?" Mina asked:
"What makes sense about the handcuffs?" Lucas asked:
"It WaSn'T pLaCe On AdAm FoR rEsTrAiNt. It WaS pLaCeD fOr SaFeTy." Zeek said:
"Safety?" Sandra asked:
"The victim asked to get them on so he wouldn't frail around. It was placed there so the victim couldn't frail when burned. The bruises and marks on both wrists and ankles show that. That even when burned the body reacts. The handcuffs where they to stop the victim from frailing." I said:
"The victim knew their choice of death was gruesome so they prepared their own body. Using restraints." Mina said. I nodded:
"What happened then?" Lucas asked:
"let us think. Anything else there was weird we can't answer?" I asked:
"The gray stumps," Liza said. I looked at her:
"We all need to talk to solve this so I will share the information I know about. The gray stumps outside the window was clearly from a fuse. I think the two prepared a fuse through the window to the pyre." Liza said:
"Why would they need that if it was helped suicide?" Sandra asked:
"Maybe our thought was wrong. Maybe it wasn't helped suicide but agreed on homicide." I said:
"But they could have been placed there for false evidence again. Is there anything there shows it was used?" Mina asked:
"I don't think so. Fuse usually don't leave any remains." Sandra said:
"Mostly because the way you use them is through explosions. I can say with certainty that it was used." Liza said:
"But, wouldn't that just ruin our idea of a helped suicide," Lucas said:
"No, no, no. That isn't a problem. I think the fuse is false." Sandra said:
"It is real and it was used!" liza shouted:
"I still think that it wasn't a murder," Lucas said. Oh no, the three are fighting. I have to find out who is right! 

"Okay listen. When a fuse is used it leads to the point where you want the ignition. It couldn't have been used here for anything." Sandra said:
"Yeah. that is what they want you to think but this was used for something else." Liza said:
"Gu-guys...Are we sure it is still an accidental homicide?" Lucas asked:
"Why are you asking that?" Liza asked:
"Well. Wouldn't that make a culprit? Why would someone agree to be a culprit?" Lucas asked:
"What if they were tricked using a fuse. Told the fuse wouldn't hit anything but still used?" Liza asked:
"but the fuse wouldn't still leave stumps!" Sandra shouted:
"There is even proof that it was used, Sandra!" Liza shouted. There it is:
"I agree with you!" I shouted pointing at Liza.

"You do?" Liza asked:
"There is clear evidence that the fuse was used. The black line on the window frame showed that the fuse was ignited through the window. The stumps are from the fuse. I could presume the helper might have cut some of the lessen the time for the fuse to hit the pyre." I said:
"Which leads me to the thought that the pyre was ignited by the helper and not from Adam. So now let us talk about-" I said:
"Attention!" Mina shouted. I took a step back:
"Uh, a showdown," Monokey said:
"I don't agree. You forgot a piece of evidence." Mina said. Seems like she wants a rebuttal showdown. I will just have to win.

"So what evidence is it you presume I forgot?" I asked:
"The only thing which could ignite the pyre. The lighter of course." Mina said:
"The lighter?"  I asked:
"We all agreed the lighter couldn't get through the window and since it was inside it must have been the victim and not the helper who used it," Mina said:
"Yeah. I understand why you think that but there is a logical explanation." I said:
"And what would that be. That there was no way the lighter used?" Mina asked. There it is:
"I will shatter your words!" I shouted. Mina took a step back as her hat flew into the air. She caught it again.

"It wasn't used at all...It's so easy to see now after we put up the timeline." I said:
"Timeline?" MIna asked:
"Think about it like this. How would the victim be able to use the lighter and place it away from the pyre afterward?" I asked. Mina thought for a second and then sighed:
"Seems like your wits are better than mine, gambler," Mina said. I nodded:
"The real lighter was exposed off somewhere. Maybe a trash can somewhere. There so much space now and so few of us that it would be impossible to find. Since it won't break the rule itself we are screwed. The lighter on the scene is planted." I said. All nodded:
"A murder, a suicide, a helped suicide, and an accidental homicide. There so many options but I think our best guess is a helped homicide." Sasha said. I nodded. first cracks appeared in this case. Now to find the helper. 

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