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    I really love your cover. The moment I notice it, I had to check out the story. Lol.
    Alpha of Glass
    Alpha of Glass
    Mates are overrated. Or so Kieran thought. What would you do if your entire life was turned upside down in a single night for something you cannot control? Now, what would you do if it was your actions...
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    It looked oddly lifelike. Swollen and rigid and pointing right at me. My face burned to the tip of my ears. Without realising it, I touched my vagina while gazing at it. It would hurt, I was sure. But I also wanted to satisfy a curiosity I didn’t know I had until now. I wanted to feel what Ray felt when she was with a man.

    Melt Me Softly_Vol. 2 [LGBT]THIS IS A SEQUEL TO STAR-LIKE WORDS Kichi struggled with her growing affections for Ray, and when Ray confessed something to Kichi, the young model...

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    will check it out...
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    "Final Chapter For "In The Kingdom Where You Live" is Up! .... PREVIOUSLY TITLED “Just another cliché romance story!”

    In The Kingdom Where You LiveSome of the best experience in life happens spontaneously. Some of the best loves are discovered in places one least expected. Bonnie and Ikki met by...
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    I can’t believe STAR-LIKE WORDS got 10312 views. That doesn’t sound like much for some, but I am grateful either way because honestly when I started publishing stories here, I nerve expected my stories would gain this many views.

    I LOVE THIS SITE. I LOVE MOVELLAS. It has helped me so much and the people here are crazy nice. Just thank you all. Truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    E.A Stevens
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    YW!!! and welcome to the writer's FRAY... IT'S HELL BEHIND THE DOORS OF MOVELLAS sometimes... so i heard from my friend... But it is DAMN Worth it to be here...

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