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Random Letters | KTH ~ SNEAK PEEK ~

by , Wednesday August 22, 2018
 Random Letters | KTH ~ SNEAK PEEK ~

Random Letters | KTH


Here is a sneak peek to my new story coming out soon. Enjoy!

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  • Zireee

    mumbled "Story Update!"

    5 months agoReply
    I just published the first real chapter to "I Loved You, And Now I Don't"! I'll leave the link to it down below. Check it out and let me know what you think so far!

    I Loved You, And Now I Don't"I don't understand, why are you pushing me away?" "Because we're not good for each other, Jack!" "What are you talking about? We're meant for each other...
    2 months ago
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  • Zireee

    mumbled "New Story!"

    5 months agoReply
    Hi, everyone! I've come to announce that I have a new story up! I just published the first chapter (it's technically a prologue chapter). I'll leave the link down below so you can check it out! In the past, Saturdays used to be the days when I did an update on my stories, but I'm not sure how active I'll be on here. Hopefully, I can have a real first chapter this Saturday, but in the meantime, check out my new story, give it some love! xoxo

    I Loved You, And Now I Don't"I don't understand, why are you pushing me away?" "Because we're not good for each other, Jack!" "What are you talking about? We're meant for each other...
  • Zireee

    mumbled "Back from the dead!"

    6 months agoReply
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    Hello everyone! If you know me, then I have risen from the dead, lol. If you don't know me, I'm Dezire, but I'd rather have people call me Zire, it's just easier to pronounce and it's a cute nickname, lol. I just wanted to give a short explanation for my absence.

    So I just finished my first year in college, last week was my last week of college lol. I'd like to think my first year was a success and super fun. I got to meet new people, make new friends and amazing memories with people. My classes weren't really that difficult for me, I actually thought my classes were super easy, but I guess that happens when you're major is journalism. But that doesn't mean I wasn't busy. I am also playing a sport, and so that took the majority of my time in the beginning of the year. But I want to get back into writing. I miss it a lot and miss the interactions I had with some of you people and reading stories. I'm going to be changing my style of writing though. I did a lot of kpop related stories, but now that I'm getting older, I want my stories to still be fiction, but relatable stories and more mature. So, look forward to some better stories in the future. My stories will also still be romance, I'm a sucker for love, I guess you can say!

    I do have an issue though. I'm unable to upload a cover for my story. Is anyone else having this issue and is there a way to resolve it?

    Super excited to be back on here!

    5 months ago
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    Omdz its been so long! Im so so glad you're back. I have so many memories with you; from your cover store to sending each other codes for our draft works! Really happy you are back! Yes I've also had the problem with covers. I also use the movellas app to upload covers.
  • Zireee

    mumbled "Comeback Story"

    10 months agoReply
    Check out my new book! Would mean a lot!
    One For The BooksShe was a writer. He was soon-to-be famous. She loved the quietness. He hated silence. She wanted him gone. He couldn't stand her.
  • Zireee

    mumbled "hi everyone"

    10 months agoReply
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    Sort of ghosted on here when college started and then became busy so never really got back on, but I've gotten this urge to write again. Let's see how this goes!
    lizzy wills
    10 months ago
    hi welcome back !x
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