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A former Literary Professor of Eastern U.S College. Formerly U,S Army and an author of many articles and stories. Is not married, Widower of over 20 years, lives alone with his CAT and Typewriter/Computer in Buffalo, NY.. Enjoys Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories. A big fan of Old School writers, Herman Wouk, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and A huge TREK fan... (Peter David)

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    nice a graphics novel.... makes you want to picture a female version of Keanu Reeves who stops looks at the camera real serious and exclaims -- DUUUUUUDE.... ;-)

    (Oh come on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Reference)

    Nice idea... very popular here in the East U.S
    The Gang's Crossover Playground
    The Gang's Crossov...
    (This is A Collection of Crossover One-Shots!) Alexia and The Skater Gang have decided they want to do a crossover with stories on this channel/profile. Now, they are just writing it, it's up to you what...

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    Welcome to Movellas, we are a writing site and literature site, hopes to re3ad a few of your stories. If you need help this community is great people and can help you...

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    Welcome to Movellas... hopes you can share some good stories... if you do not write... hey no worries.. there are many stories and good authors here to read... GREAT people to know and enjoy their works.
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