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    mumbled "The Passion Series and A New Story (All Along)"

    Hi everyone!
    I have been inactive for about a year now - I know that it is terrible of me. Many times have I tried writing a new chapter for Passion '3, but truth is just that I just don't have the same ''passion'' for Passion (which is ironic). I started writing the story three years ago, and therefore a lot has changed in the way I write - so finishing it seems unmanageable to me.
    I am very sorry to the ones who enjoyed the Passion series, but I know how it would end if I ever finished it. I have everything planned out, I just do not have the inspiration to finish it.

    On the other hand I have started a new story, that you (if you want to) are more than welcome to check out. It is a Harry Styles FanFiction, and I hope to write a lot on it and never to let it end like I ended Passion.

    That was all I had to say for now - so thanks for reading!

    Love you all
    - E
    1 years ago
    Awww, I get it tho. Rip passion.
    8 months ago
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    6 months ago
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  • Emily A. H.
    I like the idea of this story!! Please continue!
    Supernatural AU The Hunger Games
    Supernatural AU...
    Supernatural AU The Hunger Games Sam and Dean Winchester live in District 12 of Panem. The time has come for the next Hunger Games. This Quarter Quell gets Sam Winchester reaped, what happens when Dean...
  • Emily A. H.
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    Awwe that is so sweet of you! Like really!! What seems to be even better is that you love the same bands as I do - like OM&M, BMTH, PTV ect! I'm quite much a band girl myself!
    Anyway, thank you for liking my stories! It makes me so happy!
    Cheers <3
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