• HellHoundQueen

    C.S.I With a Twist (Read full description please)

    Its similar to the show with the same characters and investigations but the twist is a new girl on the force has a secret but fears showing the rest of her team. She can speak to the dead. She sees them and has visions as well. The first day on the job she learns there have been two deaths in the last 48 hours and her first task is to join doc in autopsy but as shes learning she hears the whispers of more then one spirt and begins heading toward the freezer where the bodys are but as she enters the door behind her slams shut causing doc to jump and try to open it but has no luck and runs to get the others for help.

    This is where the roleplay would start. This is open to anyone. If you know the characters thats helpful as the main ones are,
    Nick stokes
    Gil Grissom
    Warrick brown
    Horatio cane
    Greg sanders
    And so on if you decide you want to use any of those characters that is your choice for a second character if its needed but I would love to see what people come up with for characters. Thank you.
    8 months ago
    do you want to do a 1x1 in our inbox if you want or we can wait for people
    8 months ago
    yea a 1x1 would work
    8 months ago
    ok i responded you your inbox
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