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  • Jade Wolffe
    Hey! Missing you and worried about you! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Jade Wolffe
    3 days ago
    It posted 3 times, I didn't know it posted at all my bad! It was loading and loading. I figured it broke and didn't post

  • Jade Wolffe

    mumbled " what, friends and fans?"

    1 weeks agoReply
    (,I sat down and typed out a fresh, new chapter from scratch for CALAMITY! It's not finished but there's about 15 paragraphs. �� I'd been struggling with how to start it. I had a few visions that weren't shinning through. I sat down tonight, had a new idea pop in my head and I ran with it and cane up with it as I went. I'm sorry I haven't gotten anything up for it or posted anything at all. I keep saying I will but I truly will try to do better. (The header was supposed to say guess what. Oops!)
  • Jade Wolffe

    mumbled "Can I please borrow your creativity juices?"

    1 months agoReply
    I need a name for an academy / school. This school was established by an ancient group of people called Drahmin who are dragon men, people who look human but then turn into an actual, thousand story tall dragon. I want this name to sound fantasy / magic but also not obviously magical Because humans don't know that this exists. Humans are allowed to go to the school as a cover for the Drahmin so they don't draw suspicion. I can only come up with Advella Academy and I'll add to my comments if I come up with any more. If you can help that would be awesome thank you! Also if there's anything Latin or in another language, something ancient, that could translate to something anonymously? Like dragon in Latin is Draco (which no) or there's anguis which translates to serpent OR dragon... But anguis is an odd word like what's an anguis? So I have to find something that makes sense to humans but also has a secret meaning. Maybe even if there's something that means not as it seems or maybe royalty or superior. ..... Thank you
    lizzy wills
    1 months ago
    Heres an idea have about Craven wood academy - themed on the character from underworld !
    Jade Wolffe
    1 months ago
    I love all of them @[Ray Lidstone] and @[lizzy wills ] that's a cool idea too!
    Jade Wolffe
    3 weeks ago

    I'm thinking dracott but the actual history of the name might throw it off
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