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I basically live in the worlds in my head rather than the real one

  • m. grayson
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    sounds amazing so far, i wanna know what happens ♡♡♡
    What He Said To Her.
    What He Said To...
    He said to her, "He needs your love. Are you willing to love him?" Her answer was unexpected.
    scarlet rain
    3 months ago
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    Thanx! Hopefully you will find out soon! Xx
  • m. grayson

    mumbled "updates after a long time"

    7 months agoReply
    kinda forgot what I was writing but finally got some new chapters done
    Simpatico Outcasts❝Everyone thinks that the outcasts are the rejects, don't fit into groups or societies; they're the ones people don't want. But they're wrong, because...

    hopefully should be ending it soon, after a couple more chapters ♡♡♡
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