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A reader of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.
Author of the Wicked Thrones series. A coffee drinker by day, tea by night.
Most of my works will have a Happy Ever After (HEA) because I strongly believe in them. My dark haired, squared jaw prince is probably on a motorcycle somewhere.
Currently reading: a shapeshifter in love with a sword-wielding woman with her own secret. Plus vampires.

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    mumbled "We Meet Again-preview and a request for stories to read "

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    Adrienne emerged from her bedroom, feeling embarrassed for her outburst. Usually she had better control of her emotions but memories of Cole and Cenred tended to unleash them. It wasn’t helping that the one person she could speak to was away on business with limited phone coverage. Kane was sitting on the sofa. Two cups of coffee were on the coffee table. He was looking down at the ground. His expression told her that he was lost in thought and didn’t hear her leaving her room.
    She wondered if he was aware that he was rubbing his hands together. Was he feeling nervous? No, she didn’t think that was it. Watching his hands, she suddenly could imagine them stroking her bare skin, sending a shot of desire through her. Completing shocking her and threatening to break her earlier resolve. No, spending time in the same room as him tonight wasn’t the best idea.

    “I didn’t mean to upset you,” he said, halting her decision to return to her room. “It was callous of me. I guess I just presumed a beautiful woman like you would have someone.” Colour crept into his cheeks as he realised what he exactly said. Adrienne was stunned. He called me beautiful.
    “It’s okay,” she replied, keeping the surprise out of her voice. He slid the cup to her. “I got this for you.”
    She sniffed the drink. Vanilla. “My favourite, how did you know?”
    “Bodyguards know what their clients like.”
    “Uh-huh,” she said, taking a sip.

    A small preview of the now completed We Meet Again.
    I am on a hiatus from writing but love to read some new stories; fantasy, romance etc. If you would like your stories read, comment below
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    Sounds like a great book I’ll read it when I get time
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    It is a great book
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    mumbled "Be wary of the woods, some things are meant to stay buried. "

    The storm finally ended. The wind ceasing its howls for destruction. Mira stood at the edge of the ominous woods. Trees towering above her, the silence deafening. In the ten years her family lived here, she never heard the calls of birds. Many villagers claimed the woods were haunted or cursed for a terrible crime long ago.

    She shivered despite the early morning sun. Creepy but she was curious to know what happened. A foolish thought many would think. Gathering her courage, she walked in. Branches snagged her cloak, halting her tracks often. She persisted. Approaching a fallen tree, she slowed. Holding out her hands, she listened. The wind rustled through the leaves and death sang to her. Lyrics of blood and soldiers screaming for mercy or a swift death. A banner of a slain wolf and men who hunted monsters.

    Mira was a necromancer, a rare ability for a witch to possess. Dark arts, the covens would say in hushed tones. At eighteen, her powers had grown to allow her to bring back animals of all sizes. It was as far as she could go for now.
    The narrow path she was following carried on passed the fallen tree where it dipped down. Climbing over, she glanced at the drop below. A small stream flowed next to the path.

    Mira’s eye caught sight of skeletal remains. Edging closer, she realised it was of a wolf. Poor thing probably died of starvation. Hunters often lamented the lack of game in these woods. She stepped forwards and tripped. Glancing back to see what happened, she saw a flash of white. Digging back the leafy brush, she saw it. A skull. A gasp of horror escaped her lips. Death’s song became louder. A beast with red eyes whose paws were painted red.

    She staggered back from the scene, fumbling to draw her blade. Pain stung her hand. Blood stained her fingers, a drop falling to the ground. Seconds passed before she realised the consequences. Her powers were active. The skeletal head swivelled towards her, letting out a whine of pain. A sword sticking out of its ribcage. Mira turned and ran in terror. The creature’s bones shortened, twisting and contorting. Until it became human and a bony hand ripped the blade out.

    Its heart once again began to beat in its chest. Tendons, muscles and skin covering the body. Brown eyes tinged with red blinked. Fangs pierced its bottom lip. Long brown hair flowed down its back. Fingers with long nails flexed.
    Following the path the young woman took, it reached the edge of the woods. High above the distant villages was the palace. Dark turrets spiraling in the sky.

    She stretched out one hand, feeling the sun on her pale skin. Then smiled.
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    mumbled "The Princess' Heart, opening scene "

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    He was not the customer she was expecting. If she had been standing, she would need to crane her neck to see his face. As it was, she was sitting, perfect line of vision with him. Mahogany curls,wild and spilling down his shoulders. Sharp jawline adorned with a short beard, angular face and a mouth she shouldn't be staring at. His broad frame meant his clothes were probably tailored made. Delicate jewelry and with his size, he was like a bull in a china shop.

    "Will he charge," she muttered before she realised she was talking aloud.

    He saw her and smiled, a breath-taking smile.

    "Hi, I'm Tory, can I help you with something? Remember to blink and breathe.
    "Actually yes, I am looking for a necklace."
    "We have many on display," she gestured around him.
    "This one is special. It used to belong to my grandmother. She lost it long ago, I need to find it."

    "A description would help," Tory said.

    "A large black diamond in the centre and smaller silver ones around it." He glanced at the nearest display. "It's called The Heart."

    Tory froze. "You are the second person today to ask."

    His dark gaze narrowed. "Tell me, you didn't sell it to them!" His voice rising.
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    mumbled "Red Rose opening scene "

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    "Ms Du Carte is here," the electronic voice of his secretary called out.

    "Send her in."

    Michael leaned back in his chair, awaiting his business rival. She entered and he sat up straighter. Anna was younger than he expected; she looked to be in her early twenties. Midnight curls tumbled down her slender shoulders, which were draped in a navy blue dress. An oval face, a sensual mouth painted red and brown eyes beneath long lashes.

    "Ms Du Carte, welcome. Care for a drink?" he asked, gesturing to the decanter of whiskey and its glasses resting on a serving tray by his bookshelves. She shook her head as she took her seat. "Thanks for the offer."
    He nodded, resting his hand on his lap. "Hungry then?"

    Anna watched as he unbuttoned the top of his shirt. Confusion flickered across her face as he titled his head to expose his neck. She giggled and leaned forwards. Red replacing the brown and her fangs descended. Michael braced himself, grip tightening on the hilt concealed in his desk.

    He blinked. She stood up and walked over to him. Standing behind him, she slid an arm around his neck. His heart beating faster.
    "You think I'm a vampire?" Her lips brushed his ear and goose bumps erupted. He nodded. She smiled.
    “See, the thing is if I was to bite you, it isn’t for pleasure or nourishment. No, if I bit you.” Her tone becoming sharper. “It is because I want to kill you.”
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    mumbled "Awaken before We Meet Again "

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    Outside, people were staring at the dark skies. Their phones providing the only light. None of the streetlights had switched on. They were supposed to. There was a screeching sound and the sky was lit up in a red glow. Adrienne let out a whimper. Seraphina glanced at her.

    “He is here.”

    “Marissa, take your sister,” she said, handing her over to her eldest. She turned to her aunt. “Get them out of here.”
    Seraphina was suddenly thrown several feet into the air, landing on the other side of the street. Her daughters screamed. It drowned out by a loud, guttural roar.

    “Give me the child!”

    Four robed figures appeared. Their hands each glowed a different colour; red, blue, silver and green. Anna gasped. Elemental mages. Two men and women. Various ages and unknown power potential. Terrified humans scattered. She pushed the girls behind her. Her brown eyes becoming tinged with red. Seraphina lay on the ground, not moving. Yet.

    “Marissa, get your sister and yourself to safety.”

    Heat licked at her back and she glanced over her shoulder. Two creatures, one the size of a sheep and the other the size of a cat stood there. Emerald scales interspersed with purple. Horns curling in spirals on either side of their equine faces. Claws on the front paws and cloven feet at the back. Leathery wings sprouted from their backs.
    Marissa nudged her sister and they took off in a gallop, wings fanning out. One of the mages, the air mage jumped upwards. She couldn’t let him get to them. Her vision turned red.

    Seraphina groaned, eyes opening. Her hand went to her stomach and she felt the familiar pulse. Scratches on her arms and she winced, moving upright. She caught sight of a colossal wolf leaping up. The mage managing to escape her jaws and continue his pursuit. Her two girls fleeing him. Fireballs ignited in her hands and she directed them to the sky. Flames catching him and sending him to the ground, screaming.
    Anna ran after the girls and the mages attempted to follow. Only to blocked by a wall of fire. The remaining male stepped forwards, his hood falling back. Flames shining in his eyes. His lips curved into a smirk as he held out a hand. Driving the flames back towards her. Seraphina waved her hand, taking control of them. The flames roared, hurling back towards him. His attempt to stop them failed and he leapt out of the way. She waved her hand again, slamming him into a shop’s front. Glass shattered and an alarm sounded.

    This is a sneak peek at Awaken, the prequel to We Meet Again. This introduces Cenred, who is mentioned in We Meet Again and was Adrienne's first villain
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