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    mumbled "Now I Am:"

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    Now I am nothing but an empty shell, a body without a soul. My life is far from perfect and my soul has broken into a thousand pieces. My brain has gone blank. I am an empty shell. A tomb. My heart has been shattered and I am a void.

    I am nothing.
    scarlet rain
    5 hours ago
    You are something. It's good to hear from you again. ♡ how have you been?
    2 hours ago
    That's not true....and welcome back haven't heard from you in a few months.
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    Just Friends
    Just Friends
    I was working with a girl at McDonalds in high school that I was madly in love with. But when I had a chance to actually go out with her, I surprisingly backed away. I wrote this poem for her as a sort...
    Steve Clark
    1 months ago
    it is one of my older ones, but it helped launch my interest in poetry. Probably a little simple on the rhythms but overall it worked.
    1 months ago
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    Well i LOVE it!
    3 weeks ago
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