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Read my whole bio to get to know me. I am a furry. I am also a Christian and believe Jesus is the only way.
I am Doctor Who fan.I'm bi, just so ya'll know. I love fantasy, sci-fi, romance and some fanfiction genres. I am also a fan of Disney movies. I like mythical creatures mostly dragons and unicorns and phoenixes. My favorite animal is a llama. My favorite mythical creature is a dragon.My favorite bird is a raven. My favorite type of food is veggies. My favorite color is green. I'm optimistic and a total extrovert. My go-to phrase is flippin' fiddlesticks. I also love Marvel Loki and gay ships. Christian music and Pop music are my favorite types of music.

  • Lady Whimsy
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    Wait are you using some latin words in this book or are the chapters just titled in latin?
    On The Edge of Eureka Redux
    On The Edge of Eur...
    Eleutheria, the crown gem of the Solar System, has stood tall for nearly two dozen centuries. Forged in a plague-stricken, war-torn wasteland and tested by fire for hundreds of bloody years, Eleutheria...
    Wren Eliza Anne
    8 months ago
    All the chapters are titled in Latin, and they do use some Latin-y words, but nothing that would be difficult for someone to understand. Royal titles, caste names, and some places sound kind of Latin-y most of the time, but the actual story is entirely English! (Also worth noting that I say "Latin-y" because it's not real Latin, for the most part—it's a combination of Latin, other Romance languages, and sometimes Greek. There's an in-universe reason for this, but it hasn't come up yet.)

    In case you were wondering, the first 15 chapter titles are: Commander in White, Brothers in Arms, Under the Night, The Scientist, Suppression of the Truth, Conscience, Six Degrees, A Brother's Love, For Love of a Nation, Orestes and Electra, Things Fall Apart, Altered Fate, Sea of Sand, Mad Dreams, and Dead Queens :)
    Lady Whimsy
    8 months ago
    Oh cool, I'm taking Latin right now so I understand most of the words

  • Lady Whimsy
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    Is Skye the first story?
    The Princesses Life: Ruby’s Story
    The Princesses Lif...
    "Being a princess Is Easy! You have people who can cook, clean and people who can protect you. You can buy so many things, you are rich, you are famous" This is what they always said to me. Maybe I...
    8 months ago
    This is the first story! :D
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